Liberty Special Deal

How much discount I would get?
Policy transacted during this premium relief period will enjoy up to 15% discount off the tariff from the normal rates. The discount is still subject to BNM regulation on the calculation of maximum and minimum premium that a company can charge. The premium will reflect the discount and will not appear as a separate item on the policy printing.

What should I do to enjoy the premium discount?
Kindly contact Liberty Authorised Agents or Liberty branches to get a quotation.

How long will this discount be available?
The premium relief period will run for a limited time starting from 15th April 2021 to 30th June 2021.

I have just received my Renewal Notice, are these the premium I have to pay?
No, there is no discount applied to the premium in the renewal notice. If you wish to see whether the relief discount is applicable, you would need to get your agent to run through the renewal listing to re-generate the discounted premium, before the premium relief period expires.

I just renewed my policy before this premium relief period but the effective dates are within the premium relief period. Can I get the discount?
Unfortunately, the policies which have been issued are not entitled for the discount.

Why is the premium this year still higher than last year despite the discount?
The premium charged is reflecting the risk that the company perceived this year. There are many factors which may contribute to the premium change. For example, driving behaviour, claims history and increasing medical and repair costs may all influence the premiums covering future period.

Can I purchase or renew policy which the effective date is after the premium relief period?
Yes, all policies are up to 90-days prior to expiry. Policy purchased within this period will be entitled for up to 15% discount.

What happens to the quotation received from my agent after the premium relief period has ended?
The quotation saved will still be in the system but the rate will need to be refreshed after the premium relief period ends on 30th June 2021. If the quotation status is saved as final, then the discounted premium will maintain through the validity period.

I have received a quotation with discounted premium. When is the latest date for me to confirm purchase?
Kindly be informed the discount is only applicable for a limited period. The quotation with discounted premium will only be valid until 30th June 2021. If you would like to enjoy the premium discount, you need to confirm the purchase latest on 30th June 2021.

Berapakah diskaun yang akan saya peroleh?
Polisi yang dikeluarkan dalam tempoh promosi premium ini akan menikmati diskaun sehingga 15% dari tarif berbanding dari jumlah yang sepatutnya mereka bayar. Potongan diskaun masih tertakluk pada peraturan BNM yang melibatkan pengiraan premium maksimum dan minimum yang boleh dikenakan oleh sesebuah syarikat. Premium tersebut akan mendapat diskaun dan tidak akan dipaparkan sebagai item yang berasingan di dalam polisi.

Apakah yang harus saya lakukan untuk menikmati diskaun premium ini?
Sila hubungi ejen sah Liberty atau cawangan-cawangan Liberty untuk mendapatkan sebut harga.

Berapa lamakah promosi diskaun ini akan berlangsung?
Promosi premium akan berlangsung untuk masa yang terhad iaitu mulai 15 April 2021 hingga 30 Jun 2021.

Saya baru sahaja menerima Notis Pembaharuan, adakah ini jumlah premium yang harus saya bayar?
Tidak, tiada diskaun harga yang dikenakan untuk premium di dalam notis pembaharuan. Sekiranya anda ingin melihat samada promosi diskaun harga dikenakan atau tidak, anda perlu mendapatkan ejen anda untuk menyemak senarai pembaharuan untuk menjana semula premium yang baharu dengan diskaun, sebelum tempoh promosi premium berakhir.

Saya baru sahaja memperbaharui polisi sebelum tempoh promosi premium ini tetapi tarikh kuat kuasa polisi adalah dalam tempoh promosi premium. Bolehkah saya mendapat diskaun?
Kami memohon maaf, polisi yang telah dikeluarkan tidak layak mendapat potongan harga.

Mengapakah premium tahun ini masih lebih tinggi daripada tahun lalu walaupun terdapat diskaun?
Bayaran premium mengambil kira risiko yang dijangka oleh syarikat pada setiap tahun. Terdapat pelbagai faktor yang boleh menyumbang kepada perubahan premium. Sebagai contoh, tingkah laku pemandu, rekod tuntutan dan kenaikan kos pembaikan dan perubatan boleh mempengaruhi bayaran premium yang memberi perlindungan di masa hadapan.

Bolehkah saya membeli atau memperbaharui polisi yang tarikh efektifnya selepas tempoh promosi premium?
Ya, semua polisi boleh dibeli atau diperbaharui hingga 90 hari sebelum tamat tempoh. Polisi yang dikeluarkan dalam jangka masa promosi berlangsung akan mendapat diskaun harga sehingga 15%.

Apakah yang akan berlaku dengan sebut harga yang diterima dari ejen setelah promosi premium berakhir?
Sebut harga yang disimpan akan tetap berada di dalam sistem tetapi kadar premium standard akan diaktifkan semula setelah tempoh promosi premium berakhir pada 30 Jun 2021. Sekiranya status sebut harga disimpan sebagai muktamad di dalam sistem, maka premium yang telah diberi diskaun sebelumnya akan dikekalkan sepanjang tempoh sah sebut harga.

Saya telah mendapat sebut harga dengan diskaun dari ejen saya. Bilakah tarikh terakhir untuk saya melakukan pengesahan pembelian?
Sila maklum bahawa diskaun harga hanya berlangsung untuk masa yang terhad. Sebut harga dengan diskaun hanya sah sehingga 30 Jun 2021. Sekiranya anda ingin menikmati diskaun premium, anda harus melakukan pengesahan pembelian polisi dengan kadar segera.

Sitiawan and Teluk Intan Branch Relocations

Dear Valued Customers,

To serve our customers better, we would like to inform that our branches in Sitiawan and Teluk Intan, Perak have relocated.

Sitiawan Branch (effective 8th April 2021)

No.3, 1st Floor, Taman Tok Perdana
Jalan Raja Omar, 
32000 Sitiawan, Perak

Teluk Intan Branch (effective 8th April 2021)

55, 1st Floor,
Jalan Changkat Jong, Taman Impian, 
36000, Teluk Intan, Perak


We will ensure to continuously provide exceptional customer experience to all our business partners and customers.

For any enquiries, please contact our customer care personnel at:

Tel: 03 2619 9000 or 1 300 888 990

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We Care For You!

The heavy rainfall across Peninsular Malaysia is causing many areas to be flood prone and Liberty in Putting People First,



To alleviate our policyholder’s burden, Liberty Insurance is ready to provide immediate claims assistance to recover against damages caused by the current flood situation.

At Liberty, we have established a dedicated helpline to assist our customers on claims submission, processing and settlements to ensure a hassle free claims experience.

For immediate assistance:

  • Contact our dedicated Customer Care helpline at 1 300 888 990 or 03 2619 9000
  • Visit us at our nearest branch offices located nationwide
  • Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Liberty Insurance pays out RM2.1 million to flood affected communities

Published on 18 Febuary 2021

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 March 2021: When the recent Northeast ‘winter monsoon’ ravaged the country, many households and businesses - already reeling from the effects of COVID-19, were left in a lurch. One such enterprise that took a severe hit was hypermarket retail chain outlet, Nirwana Maju (Kemaman) in Cukai, Terengganu, resulting in damages exceeding RM1.7 million. 

As of 26 February 2021, Liberty Insurance will make a sizable payout of RM2.1 million to individuals and businesses affected by the flood. Of the total payout, RM1.7 million will be paid to Nirwana Maju as part of the insurer’s disbursements to six businesses nationwide for flood claims following the devastating effects of the recent monsoon season.

 “We are cognisant of the need to help businesses, particularly essential services like Nirwana’s hypermarkets to speedily resume operations to cater for the demands of local communities who need to get back on their feet to provide food and basic supplies for families at the height of this pandemic. As a responsible insurer, we hastened and deployed our teams to expedite investigations and claims. Most of the claims received were processed within weeks and the interim payments were well underway. The company aims to settle the existing flood claims by 31 March 2021,” said Liberty Insurance Berhad’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Puneet Pasricha

Terengganu was among the states in Malaysia worst hit by the recent floods. They were affected by at least three waves of floods between November 2020 and January 2021, leaving more than 11,800 people from 2,900 over families in the state displaced from their homes.  

According to Nirwana Group Sdn Bhd’s Director Dato’ Sri Ng Chong Keong, “After continuous heavy rains for days, it started to flood at the premises. At the height of the flooding on 7 January, floodwater levels reached two feet high and remained at that level for a few days before finally receding. The muddy flood water wreaked havoc resulting in up to 40% damaged stock-in-trade, business equipment, furniture as well as fixtures and furnishings. We had to act quick as the local community in Kemaman are dependent on us for their daily supplies as they too were as severely impacted by the floods.” 

“Liberty Insurance’s swift action in assessing the damages and processing our claims promptly was key to helping us have a peace of mind to focus on recovery efforts and resume operations for the sake of the local community here,” said Dato’ Sri Ng Chong Keong, adding the hypermarket suffered similar flood loss in 2014.  

Policyholders looking to make their flood claims can contact the company’s Customer Care Line (1-300-888-990).

For more information on Liberty Insurance, check out:

Sibu Branch Relocation

Dear Valued Customers,

To serve our customers better, we would like to inform that our branches in Sibu, Sarawak have relocated.

Sibu Branch (effective 8th March 2021)

Level 4, Wisma Liberty No.1,
Lorong Pedada 7, Jalan Pedada Sibu,
96000, Sibu, Sarawak


We will ensure to continuously provide exceptional customer experience to all our business partners and customers.

For any enquiries, please contact our customer care personnel at:

Tel: 03 2619 9000 or 1 300 888 990

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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