Revo Care Plan(RCP)

Revo Care Plan(RCP)

Enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that you and your family will receive a monthly involuntary unemployment benefit for up to three months per incident, as compensation for injuries, disability, or death caused by accidents. Additionally, this personal insurance policy also includes snatch thief allowance, kidnap benefit and recuperation benefit for dengue fever, zika virus or malaria.
*This product is exclusively for UOB cardholders.

Easy Application

Easy Application

Exclusively designed for UOB credit cardholders.
24 Hour Worldwide Coverage

24-hour Worldwide Coverage

Valid for accidents around the globe, except for snatch theft, recuperation benefit and involuntary unemployment, applicable only within Malaysia.
Fully Loaded Benefits

Fully-loaded Benefits

Payable in addition to other insurance policies that you may have with us, with affordable insurance plans.
Cashback Renewal Bonus

Cash Back Renewal Bonus

15% discount on premium paid upon renewal. Subject to “No Claim” on previous policy year.

More Information

  • Eligibility: UOB customer & spouse between the age of 18 to 60.
  • Easy enrolment for all Malaysians and permanent residents.
  • No medical examination.
  • Class 3 occupation (engaging in manual work) eligible for Plan A only.
  • Policy renewable up to age 70 years.
  • Premium at enrolment stays unchanged from the inception date.
  • 24 hours world-wide coverage for accidents anywhere in the world, except for snatch theft, recuperation benefit and involuntary unemployment which is applicable within Malaysia only.
  • Affordable plan that pays on top of all other insurance.
  • Cash Back Renewal Bonus 15% premium paid upon renewal subject to No Claim on previous policy nd current policy is still in force.