With the Houseowner insurance policy, you can be assured that your home is immeasurably covered against a host of perils including natural disasters, sudden impacts and accidents that may cause loss or damage to your home’s structure.

  • Disaster Relief
    Covers the building against all natural perils including fire, lightning, windstorm, earthquake and floods
  • Sudden Impact
    Covers loss or damage to your building due to damages caused by aircrafts, road vehicles and animals, as well as domestic gas explosions
  • Unforeseen Perils
    Protects your house against damages incurred by bursting or overflowing water tanks or pipes, theft or rental loss
  • Add on Benefits
    Invest in additional protection against subsidence, landslip, riot, strike, malicious damage, and liabilities to third parties for accidents in your house

Building Cost Calculator helps you estimate the cost of rebuilding your property

Legal Shield - House Owners

Legal Shield

Benefits of Coverage

Personal Injury Pursuit of legal proceedings in respect of any incident or event causing bodily injury or death to you, provided that the bodily injury or death is a result of a sudden and specific incident or event
Employment Disputes Pursuit of legal proceedings arising from or relating to your contract or employment as an employee
Contract Disputes Pursuit or defense of any disputes or legal proceedings made by or brought against you over a contract for the sale, purchase or hire of goods and services provided
Property Disputes Covering the legal expenses incurred in any disputes or legal proceedings made by or brought againts you, provided you will suffer financial loss if you fail to pursue or defend the dispute or legal proceeding
Legal Defense Covering the legal expenses incurred in defending a prosecution against you in a court of criminal jurisdiction arising from the sale or supply of privately owned goods


  • This Legal Shield claim is limited to RM 100,000 of any one claim / aggregate in one (1) year, whichever comes first
  • The excess clause is RM 1000 which is to be borne by the policyholder, applicable to each and every claim
  • This embedded coverage benefits are only limited to HO/HH policyholders

FAQ - Potential Claims Scenarios

Personal Injury

An entrepreneur was involved in a car accident whilst she was travelling in a taxi to the airport. She was unable to work for over 4 months due to a serious broken leg. 

Considering that she is self-employed and the accident had caused her loss of income throughout the 4 months period, she used the policy to pursue the taxi company for compensation.