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Flood Relief Assistance Motor Claims Guide Submission
*Applicable for private car comprehensive coverage only

We do not require a police report from Liberty Insurance customers or insured, involved in the recent floods that occured from the 18th December 2021 onwards.

This waiver is applicable for the following coverage types:
  1. All franchise policies
  2. All non-franchise policies
  3. Policies with flood coverage
  4. Policies with flood allowance coverage
  5. Policies without flood coverage (Liberty Insurance will assist with towing, however any flood claim will be borne by the policyholder)

The claimant must take a photo of their vehicle at the incident location before towing their vehicle. The number plate of the vehicle should be visible in the photograph.

If you have any different scenario to those above, please do not hesitate to call us. We endeavour to help and alleviate our customers’ burdens through this difficult time.

Thank you.
Liberty Insurance Berhad