Private Car

Third Party, Fire & Theft

Private Car

Third Party, Fire & Theft

With the Third Party, Fire & Theft policy, not only is your vehicle protected against fire, explosion, lightning, burglary or theft, but it will also cover any damages caused by your vehicle to a third party and their property. This includes bodily injury or death of third party.

Affordable Payment

Affordable Premium

More affordable in comparison to a comprehensive motor insurance policy
Flexible payment

Flexible Payment Options

Choose to pay your Motor TPFT Insurance premium annually by cash, cheque or credit card.
Liability Covered

Liability Cover

Protect those around you by investing in a policy that covers any type of bodily injury and death of third parties involved.
Property Damage

Property Damage

We will pay for any loss or damage caused by your vehicle to another party’s property, including legal costs.

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Third Party, Fire & Theft is more affordable than comprehensive motor insurance.

Flexible Payment Options.

You Flexible Payment Options. You may choose to pay your MotorThird Party, Fire & Theft Insurance premium annually with cash, cheque or credit card.

Protection against Fire and Theft.

If your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire, we will pay up to a maximum of RM20,000.00 to repair it.

Liability Cover.

If you cause bodily injury or death of third party (except passengers in your vehicle) or damages third party´s property, such as their car, building or fence during a motor accident, we will pay for the damage caused by your vehicle, and we will cover the legal costs as well.