Touch ‘n Go and Boost Online eWallet Goes Live 18th August 2020

Do I have to register before making payments with eWallet?
As long as you are an eWallet user of Touch ‘n Go and Boost, you may use your Touch ‘n Go and Boost account to make payments.

What are the operating hours for online eWallet?
Online eWallet is available 24-hours daily, 7 days a week.

What happens if I have insufficient funds in my eWallet account?
Your transaction will be rejected.

Is there a limit to the number of transactions or amount I can make in a day? 
The limit is subject to the size of your wallet and available balance in your eWallet account.

I have made a payment using online eWallet, how do I know that my payment is successful? 
Once the payment has been made, you will receive a notification on details of payment via your given email account. You may also refer to Liberty Insurance website’s “Renew Online” for “Current Status”.

How do I enquire about my transaction status? 
You may check the status / balance from your eWallet account.

Will my account be debited immediately upon successful online eWallet transaction? 
Yes, your eWallet account will be debited immediately and your eWallet balance will reflect the change accordingly.

Are there any charges for using online eWallet and if so, what is the amount? 
There is no charge to you for using online eWallet.

How would I know that I am paying to Liberty Insurance Berhad? 
Online eWallet payment gateway is prompted via the Liberty Insurance website’s “Renew Online”. As long you are paying via the Liberty Insurance Berhad website, the payment is made to Liberty.

Will I get my e-policy immediately if I make payments through Liberty online portal? 
Yes. You will receive your e-policy immediately once the payment is successfully remitted to the Liberty’s account.