2018 Service Tax FAQ

When does the Company begin to collect 6% Service Tax?
The Company will begin to collect 6% Service Tax with effect from 1 September 2018 in accordance to the Service Tax Act 2018.

Issue date before 1 September 2018

Policy / Cover Note Effective Date  Service Tax Treatment
Before 1 September 2018 (*) Service Tax prorate from 1 September 2018 until the expiry date to be recovered /collected 
After 1 September 2018  Full Service Tax to be recovered/collected


(*) The Service Tax Act 2018 does not require Service Tax to be recovered / collected on taxable services where 6% goods and services tax under the Goods and Services Tax 2014 has been paid on the services to the extent covered by the invoice.

My general insurance policy covers period from 1 August 2018 and expire on 31 July 2019. I have fully paid my policy premium and received my policy on 1 August 2018 without service tax.

Why does the Company require me to pay the outstanding 6% Service Tax on my general insurance premium?
As your policy is effective from 1 August 2018, you need to pay 6% Service Tax on the general insurance premium for the period from 1 September 2018, being the effective date of Service Tax, until the expiry of your policy of 31 July 2019 in accordance to the Service Tax Act 2018.

If my general insurance premium is RM1,200 per annum. How much Service Tax do I have to pay?
The 6% Service Tax is applicable to the period from 1 September 2018 to 31 July 2019 which covers 11 months. The service tax outstanding from your policy is calculated at RM1,200 premium per annum x no. of days/365 x 6% Service Tax. Therefore the amount of Service Tax payable is RM66.

I would like to refer to the FAQ from Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD). Where can I find the FAQ?
Please refer to Q34 from the RMCD’s website

What are the modes of payment available to me?
You may pay via Jompay, Internet banking, credit card, cash and cheque.

I would like to pay via Jompay. What are the steps required?

  1. Please logon to online banking service of your bank.
  2. Please choose Jompay to proceed payment from your Saving, Current or Credit Card account.
  3. You will be required to enter the following payment detail:
    • Amount : Enter the Service Tax amount. You may refer from your letter
    • Biller Code: Please key in 5959
    • Ref 1 : Please key in your Jompay Ref -1 Number available on your letter i.e. SKLMB8000XXX1
    • Ref 2 : Please key in your contact no / email address in order for us to contact you.

I would like to pay via internet banking. What are the steps required?

  1. Please logon to online banking service of your bank.
  2. Please select IBG / fund transfer to proceed payment.
  3. Please key in our MBB account number which is available on your letter.
  4. Please enter the service tax amount. You may refer the amount from your letter.
  5. In reference field, please key in policy number i.e. KLMB800012X if you have one policy. If you have multiple policy, please key in reference number of the letter i.e. LIB/18/ST/HQ201812XXXXXX.

I would like to pay via cash, cheque or credit card. What are the steps required?
Please visit our nearest branch office. You may refer to the list of our branch offices in our corporate website (under “LOCATE”).

Kindly take note that the information provided in this FAQ aims to provide better understanding of Service Tax treatment and is not intended to address all possible Service Tax matters. The Management has the right to amend or withdraw this FAQ accordingly.



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