Movement Control Order’s Impact for Fire, Burglary/Theft and Money policies

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Dear Valued Business Partners and Customers,

The Movement Control Order (MCO) issued by the Government was enforced from 18 March 2020 and has now been extended to 28 April 2020. This has effectively put all sectors except for essential services under lockdown with restrictions on movements within Malaysia. 

As this is a mandatory lockdown upon a governmental order beyond the control of policyholders, we are pleased to confirm that all relevant Fire policy coverage which are conditioned on the premise/dwelling being occupied, will not be affected by the restrictions imposed solely by the MCO. However, this is not applicable to premises unoccupied prior to or not related to MCO. The same is also applicable to the peril Sprinkler Leakage Endorsement where the un-occupancy of 30 days is solely due to the MCO.

In regards to Burglary/Theft and Money policies, similar approach will also be adopted.

Policyholders are not required of additional actions, should the un-occupancy is solely resulting from MCO. This notice is however not applicable to premises unoccupied prior to or not related to the MCO.

Thank you.

The Management
Liberty Insurance Berhad 


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