SmartCover is a personal accident plan that is designed to provide 24-hour worldwide protection against unforeseeable losses incurred due to accidental death and/or disablement. It has the flexibility of allowing you to select the type and level of covers you want and it can also be used as a supplement to any other insurance as its benefits are payable regardless of any coverage which you may have with the exception of medical expenses.

The SMART Protection Plan

That Protects You & Your Family

Everyday, you do your best to provide for your family. They are the most important part of your life and there can never be too much you can do for them. You are their breadwinner and protector. This responsibility is a commitment that needs to be protected if something were to happen to you. You need to be prepared for life’s uncertainties that may jeopardise their wellness. 

This is why we created the SmartCover Plan. 

SmartCover is a protection plan that is specifically designed with you in mind. The plan comes with smart choices and benefits that take into account your needs as well as your budget and allows for total peace of mind. It protects your interests and that of your loved ones by providing compensation in the event of Death, Permanent Disablement or Temporary Total or Partial Disablement. 

So remember, if your worse fears were to come true, you’ll be ready for it. Thus, giving you the freedom to live life to the fullest and cherishing every moment of it.

10% Renewal Bonus (NCB) Yearly, Up To 50%

You will enjoy a renewal bonus termed “No Claim Bonus” whereby your principal Sum Insured will be increased by 10% per year (under Death and Permanent Disablement) and up to 50% for a period of 5 years regardless of any claims made under medical expenses, dental or corrective cosmetic surgery. 

24-hours Worldwide Coverage

You will be protected around the clock while you’re on the move. 

Travel Allowance Allocation For Your Loved Ones

Your immediate family (father, mother, sister, brother, wife, husband, children) will receive a weekly travel allowance of RM200 for travel expenses incurred while visiting you when you are hospitalised. The maximum amount payable is RM1,000 per accident. 

Rehabilitation Benefit

If you’re hospitalised consecutively for 7 days or more, you will receive an additional RM1,000 upon your discharge from hospital. 

Sinseh / Traditional Treatment Coverage

You may choose to supplement your treatment with sinseh / other traditional treatment up to a maximum of RM250 per accident.

Corrective Dental & Cosmetic Surgery

Should you require corrective dental and cosmetic surgery performed to the head and the neck as a result of an accident, you will be provided with an additional sum of up to RM2,000. However, surgery must be recommended and performed by a licensed Orthodontist or Cosmetic Surgeon. 

Funeral Allowance Up To RM 3,000

Upon accidental death, your beneficiaries will receive a sum of 3% of the capital sum insured on Death, subject to a maximum of RM3,000. 

Repatriation Expenses

Upon accidental death, we provide a lump sum allowance up to RM3,000 for repatriation. 

Flexible Options

Depending on your budget, you can create a Plan best suited to your needs. 

Easy Enrolment

Just complete the enclosed Proposal Form and send it to the address provided. Enrol as soon as possible to be rest assured when you’re on the move.

No.   For Each Amount Of (RM) Classifications of Occupation and Annual Premiums (RM)
      Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
1 Death 10,000 5.30 6.89 11.66
2 Permanent Disablement 10,000 5.30 6.89 11.66
3 a) Temporary Total Disablement 
(Limit Per Week)
100 23.32 31.80 47.70
  b) Temporary Partial Disablement 
(Limit Per Week)
4 Medical Expenses (Limit Any One Accident) 500 10.60 13.78 15.90
1,000 15.90 19.08 26.50
2,000 21.20 27.56 37.10
3,000 26.50 33.92 50.88
4,000 31.80 42.40 63.60
5,000 37.10 47.70 76.32

The premium amount is inclusive of Service Tax

NOTE : Compensation under item 3, limited to 104 weeks from the date of commencement of the disablement. 

Protection from age 18 – 60, with renewal up to 70 years of age.

Classifications of occupation as follows : 

Class 1 Professions and occupations involving non-manual, administrative or clerical work solely in offices or similar non-hazardous places.
Class 2 Professions and occupations involving manual work only occasionally when supervising workmen
Class 3 Professions and occupations involving manual work

NOTE : Premiums are exclusive of RM10 stamp duty.

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