Revo Care Plan (Annual)

Revo Care Plan (Annual)

A Personal Accident plan exclusively for UOB credit card holders

  • Eligibility: UOB customer & spouse between the age of 18 to 60
  • Easy enrolment for all Malaysians and permanent residents
  • No medical examination
  • Occupation question / Class 3 occupation (engaging in manual work) eligible for Plan A only
  • Policy renewable up to age 70 years
  • Premium at enrolment stays unchanged from the inception date until the twelve month policy period
  • 24 hours world-wide coverage for accidents anywhere in the world, except for snatch thief, recuperation benefit and involuntary unemployment which is applicable within Malaysia only
  • Affordable plan that pays on top of all other insurance
  • Cash Back Renewal Bonus 15% premium paid upon renewal subject to No Claim on previous policy nd current policy is still in force
Item Benefit Table
Plan A
A1 Accidental Death
RM 200,000
A1.1 Kidnap Benefit - Additional amount of RM50,000 will be paid if the Insured Person is accidentally death directly caused by kidnapping
RM 50,000
A2 Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) - Accidental Disability
  • PTD from gainful employment of any and every kind
  • Loss of one or both limbs
  • Loss of one or both eyes
RM 200,000
  • 100%
  • 100%
  • 100%
B Daily Hospital Income due to accident per day up to 365 days
RM 500
C Daily Hospital income due to illness per day up to 365 days
RM 50
D Snatch Theft Allowance (within Malaysia) - once in a policy year
RM 1,000
E Medical Expenses for day care surgery - due to accident
RM 2,000
F *Recuperation Benefit due to Dengue fever, Zika Virus or Malaria (within Malaysia) - once in a policy year
RM 500
G Involuntary Unemployment Monthly Benefit (within M’sia)
-Up to 3 months per incident per policy year
-Allowed to claim for one (1) incident per policy year only
-with 15 months lifetime limits
RM 600 per month
H Cash Back Renewal Bonus (on premiums paid)
**15% of premium paid

*The Recuperation Benefit cannot be claimed together with Daily Hospital Income due to Illness Benefit

**15% of the premium paid will be refunded upon renewal of the policy subject there isn’t any claim in the previous policy period, and the policy is still in force

Annual Premium Table inclusive of SST
Plan A (RM)
RM 840.00

- The Premium amount is inclusive of Service Tax.

- day of hospitalization - not less than 24 hours

“Reimbursement for day surgery”

“Day Care survey surgery which is carried out by surgeon, but not on an inpatient basis and must be held in hospital or clinic. Day care surgeries that are pre-planned, non-emergency are considered elective and not payable under this policy.

Pre-existing medical conditions, caused or contributed by injury arising from engaging in the Insured Person’s occupation as

  • Stevedores
  • Professional Divers
  • Test Pilot and Divers
  • Professional Sports Team
  • Air Crews and Ship Crews
  • Naval, Military or Air Force service of operation

Involuntary Unemployment:

  • Self employed
  • Resignation or voluntary termination
  • Non-Permanent Employment
  • Non renewal of work
  • Misconduct at work
  • During the 180 days waiting period
  • Prior notification of IU before policy effective date
  • Traineeship or apprenticeship
  • Accident or Illness
  • Extended Leave
  • Retirement
  • Professional sports
  • If Insured received Severance Pay or compensation
  • If Insured has found a new job
This policy is extended to cover injury sustained by the Insured Person who is employed as a military personnel, law enforcement officer, civil defence officer, and security officer who solely does sedentary desk-bound duties, that is strictly clerical or administration work. This policy is extended to cover injury sustained by the Insured Person who is employed in any of the occupations listed in EXCLUSIONS provided the Insured Person is off-duty at the time of the injury and the injury does not arise in the course of employment or any activity related to the Insured Person’s employment.

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