The contents of your home make up the blue print of your household. Protect every aspect of your home against natural perils, sudden disasters and any unforeseen circumstances that may arise over time, including loss or damage to residence contents caused by fire and lightning.

  • Furniture & Household Goods
    Ensure that the heart of your home is always secure with a policy that covers your home’s furniture and goods
  • Electrical Appliances & Kitchen Equipment
    Go ahead and splurge on that fancy coffee machine you always wanted, secure in the knowledge that your appliances are protected
  • Clothing, Personal Effects & Valuables
    Your personal effects and valuables are a part of your persona, and as such, are irreplaceable. Ensure they are protected at all times
  • Add on Benefits
    Invest in additional protection against damage to lock and keys, loss of cash, jewellery, gold & silver articles, breakage of mirror, fatal insurance, rental losses, public liability and full theft

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