Agency Recruitment

Agency Recruitment

Process & Procedure

Over the last 38 years, Liberty Insurance Berhad has built a reputation as the preferred insurer in the market. With each year, the company stepped up to the mark to face new challenges in a highly competitive industry. Starting from 1977 when South East Asia Insurance came into being and in 2003 when it became Uni.Asia General Insurance, the company has continued to strive with unwavering focus to achieve its targets.

The change of name to Liberty Insurance Berhad on 9 June 2015 follows the completion of the Liberty Mutual Group’s acquisition of a majority share in the company. Headquartered in Boston, Liberty Mutual is a Fortune 100 company with more than 100 years of experience. With the wealth of our local experience and Liberty’s global expertise, we aim to grow into a leading force in the Malaysian general insurance industry – one that plays an integral role in helping people live safer, more secure lives.

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Please read on for a brief outline on the requirements to be a General Insurance Agent.

Obtaining the Certificate

The examination registration forms can be obtained from our company. We will assist you to register as a candidate for scheduled examination conducted by The Malaysian Insurance Institute Examination fees payable ranges from RM35 to RM75. We will advise you when receive your registration form.

You may be exempted from the examination if you have any of the qualifications listed below. We will assist you to write to the PIAM Registrar for exemption.

  1. Associate Malaysia Insurance Institute (AMII)
  2. Diploma of the Malaysia Insurance Institute
  3. Associate Australian Insurance Institute (AAII)
  4. Associate Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII)
  5. Foundation Course in General Insurance (Malaysia Insurance Institute)
  6. Compact General Insurance Agents Course (Malaysia Insurance Institute)
  7. Intermediate Course in General Insurance (Malaysia Insurance Institute)
  8. Insurance Executive Development (IRD)
  9. Institut Teknologi MARA (ITM) Course in Insurance
  10. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Course in Insurance
  11. Universiti Malaya (UM) Course in Insurance
  12. General Insurance Training Course for Agents (Malaysia Insurance Institute)
  13. Intensive Course for General Insurance Agents (Malaysia Insurance Institute)
  14. First Course in General Insurance (Malaysia Insurance Institute)
  15. Certificate of 3rd General Insurance Training Course for Agents (Institut Teknologi MARA)
  16. Diploma in Life/General Insurance (Australian Insurance Institute)
  17. Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate of Proficiency (London School of Insurance)
  18. Associate Insurance Institute of Canada (AIIC)
  19. Diploma in Business Studies – Major in Insurance (Institut Teknologi MARA)
  20. Certificate of Insurance (Bombay College of Insurance)
  21. General Course in Insurance (28/4/80 to 6/6/80) (Chartered Insurance Institute College of Insurance, United Kingdom)
  22. Kursus Pengurussan Risiko dan Insuran (Universiti Malaya)
  23. Basic Course in General Insurance (Swiss Insurance Training Centre, Zurich)
  24. Certificate in General Insurance Examination (Singapore Insurance Institute)
  25. Diploma In Actuarial Science in MARA
  26. Degree of Master of Science by University of Connecticut

Application for Registration

Any individual or corporate agency who wishes to become an insurance agent must firstly be registered under the GIARR(General Insurance Agents Registration Regulations).

In order to do this, one must first pass the “MII Pre-Contract Examination for Insurance Agents”, i.e. to complete General Insurance Route A & B or Route B only provided they have the PCEIA Life Insurance Certificate by the Malaysia Insurance Institute (MII).

In the case of a Corporate Agency, a nominee must be appointed who will then have to complete the qualification stated above.

Registration with PIAM & Liberty Insurance Berhad

We will register you as our agent with PIAM when you submit the following documents:

Form for Application of Appointment of Agency

  1. PIAM Application Form
  2. NRIC of All Directors/Partners - Photocopy front and back
  3. NRIC of Corporate Nominee - Photocopy front and back
  4. Issue Receipt & Deposit Cash into Branch Bank Acc.
  5. MII PCEIA Certificate or Results of Agent or Corporate Nominee
  6. Form J – Income Tax of Guarantor’s for last 2 Years
  7. Statutory Declaration by Corporate Nominee - Original
  8. NRIC of Guarantor - Photocopy front and back
  9. Guarantor Data by Third Party Guarantor/All Directors
  10. Agency Agreement (1 Principals and 1 Agents Copy)
  11. PIAM Registration of General Insurance Agent
  12. Declaration Form by New Principal for Inclusion as SP/CP
  13. PIAM Registration for Inclusion as 2nd / Change of Principal
  14. Bank Guarantee Duly Stamped
  15. Bank Statement of Agent/Agency for the last 3 Months
  16. Specimen Signature Card of Agent/Agency
  17. Photo Copy of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Certificate
  18. Consent Form From Agent & Guarantor for CTOS Screening
  19. NARF (New Account Requisition Form) From Branch
  20. Goods And Services Tax (GST) Registration Notification Form
  21. A Copy of GST Registration From Agent or Custom Website Print Out
  22. Privacy Notice – Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
  23. Confirmation of Bank Account Number for Electronic Fund Transfer / Inter Bank Giro (IBG)

Additional Documents Required (for by Sole – Proprietor / Partnership)

  1. Statutory Declaration (Not required for 2nd Principal)
  2. Form - A Business Registration
  3. Form - D Business Registration
  4. Third Party Letter of Guarantee

Additional Documents Required (for Corporate Agency- Limited Company)

  1. Statutory Declaration (Not required for 2nd Principal)
  2. Form 9/13- Certificate of Incorporation
  3. Form 24- Return Allotment of Shares
  4. Form 49- Return Giving Particulars in Register of Directors, Etc.
  5. Directors Resolution for Agency Application - Original
  6. Memorandum of Article of Association
  7. Letter of Guarantee Signed By All The Directors

Confirmation of Agency

Upon successful registration with PIAM, you will be issued with the following:-

  1. Our Agency Contract Agreement with you.
  2. PIAM’s Agency Certificate


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