BisPro offers you a one-stop, hassle-free solution that protects every aspect of your business against losses incurred due to a multiple range of risks. Ensuring that there is no duplication, this comprehensive insurance policy provides cover for fire, all risks, burglary, money, plate glass, public liability and employer liability.

  • Lowest Premiums
    Protection from as low as RM 1.37 a day, with five flexible plans to choose from
  • Comprehensive Protection
    This policy covers your business against fire and lighting, storm, tempest, earthquakes, malicious damage caused by riots & strikes, as well as theft
  • Liability Cover
    Protect those around you by investing in a policy that covers any type of bodily injury and death of employees and third parties within the property
  • Hassle-free Claims
    Enjoy the convenience of fast and hassle-free claims, with nil excess charges for all claims

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What is BisPro?

BisPro is...

One comprehensive plan for all your business needs.

BisPro is an insurance plan that protects your business assets and minimises your losses in unforeseen times. Saf