Liberty Insurance demonstrates its operating principles towards its shareholders, customers, business partners, employees and agents in the following manner: 

Corporate Governance

We understand that effective corporate governance is essential in maintaining our customers’ trust and in achieving long-term sustainable value for our shareholders. We are committed to:

  • Ensuring sound oversight consistent with the best interests of our shareholders,
  • Observing ethical business principles,
  • Adhering to all the rules and regulations set forth by the regulators,
  • Ensuring compliance with all laws, and
  • Reporting our financial results objectively and accurately.

Liberty Insurance Berhad places a high emphasis on integrity in dealing with our customers and business partners. We strive to exceed our customers and business partners’ expectation by delivering high quality products and services with exceptional value, and tailoring our products to meet specific needs. Amongst many others, these initiatives include:

  • Providing round the clock protection coupled with exceptional coverage at competitive pricing
  • Offering appropriate assistance in times of emergency and/or illness
  • Providing clear descriptions on benefits that are guaranteed and detailed advice as to the risks that are covered in the event of a loss

We also continuously try to improve our internal processes to ensure customer satisfaction. Our complaints unit monitors all complaints closely to ensure that all complaints are promptly investigated and resolved.

We aim to be a caring employer by operating first-class employment practices. We endeavour to engage able and qualified employees who are responsible, energised, and willing to embrace our business strategy and culture in order to help our business succeed. We are committed to investing in employees and developing them into future business leaders. This is achieved through providing a welcoming and collaborative environment, training and development, a safe and healthy workplace, organisational transparency, and attractive compensation.


Equal Opportunity to All

We offer equal opportunity to all employees and positions are filled solely on the basis of a candidate’s qualifications, with no consideration given to gender. We are concerned primarily with promoting cooperation across cultural groups thereby making a contribution to mutual understanding and tolerance.


Training and Development

We are committed to investing in training and development programs for our staff and business partners with the view to providing opportunities for them to improve their skills and qualifications, as well as to advance their careers. Liberty views human capital as a vital asset. Getting the best out of our employees and agents is vital if we are to compete successfully.

One of our successful and popular training channels is our internet based e-learning portal. Apart from the e-learning platform, many classroom-based training programs are held to cater to the needs of the staff. On the job training and briefings are also regularly conducted to keep staff up-to-date and in-the-know. 

We also organise team-building and leadership programmes. Participation in these programmes provides our staff and agents with opportunities to experience what they would not normally learn in their day-to-day jobs, stimulating creative thinking and problem solving. 

Moving forward, as part of the Liberty Mutual Group, the Company’s staff, regardless or department, will have access to Liberty’s world class training.


Health and Safety

We are also committed to creating a safe and secure working environment that protects the health and well-being of our employees. We have equipped our buildings and branches with safety equipment. We have also periodically conducted safety programmes such as fire and emergency evacuation drills. These initiatives aim to eliminate occupational hazards and accidents, as well as to ensure all employees have basic fire safety and emergency response skills in the event of disaster.

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