Environment CSR

Liberty Insurance Berhad has a relatively small impact on the environment compared to an industrial company. We nevertheless strive to lessen the environmental impact of our activities by designing internal processes that encourage responsible consumption and energy use amongst our employees. 

Since 2008, we:

  • Conserve energy by switching-off all office lights before leaving for lunch. When leaving the office for the night, we also activate the "sleep mode" on computers, printers, monitors and other devices.
  • Reduce our paper consumption by encouraging double-sided printing. We also increased the usage of digital data storage devices such as CDs, flash drives, and floppy disks to store information thereby reducing usage of paper and storage space, as well as limiting wastage.
  • Recycle empty ink and toner cartridges, used batteries, office supplies (such as pen, glue or marker). Employees bring these items to our Administration Department in exchange for new ones. The recycled items will be re-manufactured, re-used or disposed of by our recycling partners. This ensures less solid waste and reduces the strain on local landfills.

Going forward, we will continue to manage the social and environmental impacts of our business operations whilst taking into consideration the evolving demands of our stakeholders.

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