Marine insurance covers risks that involve the transportation or temporarily storage of goods in transit from one port to another. This class of insurance reimburses financial losses due to damage to a ship and any accompanying properties, including the cargo, from port of departure to port of destination.

Goods In Transit is an insurance plan that covers loss or damage to the property insured by Fire, Theft or Accidental Means whilst being loaded on or unloaded from any road vehicle or passenger or goods train or whilst temporarily housed in the ordinary course of transit whether on or off the said conveyance within the Territorial Limit. The policy for this class of insurance is tailored to suit your individual needs.

Marine Cargo is an insurance plan that covers loss or damage during the movement of cargo from one port or country to another whether by sea, air or land. This plan is tailored to suit each Insured's special needs and coverage can be provided for all risks or on a named peril basis.

The information provided above is a brief explanation of the coverage and not a contract of insurance. The specific details applicable to these insurance plans are set out in each of the policy which is the operative document. Depending on your requirements, we may propose you another class of insurance to be incepted together. Terms, Conditions and Exclusions of the policy apply.

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