Completecare Plus Health Plan (For Renewal Case Only)

In recent years, hospital treatment costs have increased drastically. Hospital charges have risen by at least 25% and for some diseases, medical care expenses have doubled, making it painfully expensive for anyone seeking medical treatment.

The Liberty Insurance Berhad Completecare Plus Health Plan is designed to help Malaysians go through their times of illnesses and tragedy with peace of mind and confidence.

Depending on the type of plan selected, if you or any member of your family has undergone hospitalisation for illnesses or accidents, you will receive a full refund on all your medical expenses. This includes hospital accommodation at private or government hospitals, operating charges, physicians' fees, drugs, laboratory tests and many more.

Choose from three Completecare Plus comprehensive health plans to suit your needs: 

  • Area 1 : Worldwide
  • Area 2 : Worldwide, excluding USA and Canada
  • Area 3 : Regional - Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

With Completecare Plus, you can choose to seek treatment from either private medical institutions or government hospitals within the selected area of cover.

Completecare Plus requires no medical examination from healthy Malaysians under 65 years of age. Acceptance is subject to the information provided by you in the enclosed application form.

  • Completecare Plus also takes care of you in extra ways --- for each day of in-patient stay in a local government hospital, you will receive RM 50 to cover any incidental expenses.
  • If you take out additional cover under the Supplementary Hospital Income Benefit plan, you will receive RM 100 for each day of hospitalisation for up to 180 days per policy year.
  • Furthermore, Completecare Plus also covers you up to RM10,000 in case of accidental death.
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